Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mini Deep Fat Fryer – Big Taste In A Small Space

In the past, a deep fat fryer would likely consist of a saucepan, half filled with cooking oil over a hob, perhaps with a thermometer attached. This was really the only option as electric deep fat fryers were too bulky and expensive for all but the most die hard frying enthusiasts. Faced with these limitations,  many simply opted for the local fish and chip shop.

But like so many other consumer gadgets, manufacturers found ways to shrink the deep fat fryer to a more manageable size. As a result, the mini deep fat fryer was born. With a mini deep fat fryer you basically become your own chippie. You can make your favourite fish and chips whenever you want, and with the latest high-tech models, it is not that hard to do.

* Chips On Your Schedule

Mini deep fat fryers have proven very popular with singles and busy professionals who demand flexible meal times. You can put together your favourite deep fried dish whenever you want, not just when the local take away is open. Alternatively, for a quick snack simply pick up a bag of frozen chips from the supermarket and you're ready to go.

* Space Saving Designs

Mini deep fat fryers are also great for anyone with a cramped kitchen. You can set them up on virtually any flat surface, and when finished they can be easily stored out of the way.

* Reduced Oil Usage

Their small size also means they use far less cooking oil than their full size counterparts. Two litres is a typical capacity, versus three or more for a full size machine. At the end of the day, you use less oil and energy which saves you money. Why pay for all that extra oil if you don't need it?

* Economical Small Batches

Mini deep fat fryers are geared towards small portion sizes. They're designed to cook in small batches, so in the long run they are a lot more economical. You only cook to meet your immediate needs so less food gets thrown away. This can save both time and money.

* Home Frying Is Healthier

Despite the fact that deep-fried foods have a reputation for being oily or greasy, this is merely a sign of poor cooking technique and not an indictment of deep frying itself.

When deep frying, keeping the oil at the correct temperature is critical to producing a healthier result. Maintain that temperature throughout the frying process and your food will be crisp and tasty, not greasy.

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